Trailer & RV Storage

Trailer & RV storage at Sabetha Self Storage are both indoor and fully enclosed accommodating standard small sized trailers & RV’s. The maximum size trailer or
RV that can be stored varies based on available units.
When inquiring about storing a trailer or RV, be sure to have
the actual width, length, and height to determine the minimum acceptable clearance within the available units, and be sure
to factor for the storage unit’s doorway size.

Trailer and Recreational Vehicle storage can be seasonal, short term, or long term
with continuous access that allows you to come and go with your trailer or RV.

Contact Us:
Sabetha Self Storage LLC
The self storage facility is located just off Highway 75 & Main Street
at 209 Collins Avenue, Sabetha, KS 66534
The office & mailing address is located nearby at 14 Commerce Drive, Sabetha, KS 66534
Phone: 785-285-1062 or 785-285-1064

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