Storage Basics

Introduction to Basic Self-Storage

  • Stay motivated to handle the items that need to be stored and relax with confidence that
    self-storage options are the proven & preferred way to economically manage most storage requirements. Being easy, affordable, and effective are the main reasons that self-storage options are so widely used.
  • Know and understand any special storage requirements for all items being stored. Follow storage directions, and do not attempt to store items that are not appropriate for the storage facility.
  • Be careful! Use caution when moving any item, and locate proper help & lifting equipment as needed. Always use proper lifting & moving techniques.
  • Do not attempt to store anything combustible, and make sure that all power sources are disconnected prior to being stored. Prior to storing vehicles, boats, and other power equipment,
    be sure to disconnect the batteries.
  • Do not smoke or expose an open flame around stored
    items or the storage facility.
  • Do not store items or other materials that may spoil or
    attract insects and rodents such as food items, and be proactive with pest prevention measures.
  • Plan out how your items will fit into the space, and define how to best arrange your items
    within the space before the items move in. The size of and access to the door also has to be factored into your storage plan. The unit and door dimensions provided in facility information
    or by the facility’s operator are approximate. In close fitting situations, measure the actual
    unit to determine the actual size.
  • If you will need regular access to items in the rear of the storage unit, you may want to arrange your items with a clear passage way to the rear of the unit.
  • Large items are often best stored in the back of the space to keep from blocking front access.
  • Heavy items are best stored on the bottom, and do not stack items that are not well suited for stacking. As items are stacked, be sure that the bottom items can handle the weight of the items that are being stacked on top and that they are stacked securely.
  • Use extra caution after items are stacked. Opening doors, inspecting, and moving stacked items increase the exposure to possible falling objects.
  • With boxed items, it is best to use good quality boxes or containers, close the lid, and seal them as tightly as possible.
  • Fragile items must be well packed and boxed, and anything containing fragile items should be clearly labelled & stored securely.
  • Take advantage of empty space within the items being stored. Furniture & appliances often have internal areas available where smaller items can be stored with an increased level of protection.
  • Space boxes, furniture, and any item sensitive to moisture up off of the floor with pallets,
    spacer blocks, or other means because all concrete floors may become damp occasionally.
    If pallets are needed, you can ask the facility operator to determine if recycled pallets are available at the storage facility.
  • Place a protective covering over all stored items. Use tarps, plastic sheeting, or other covering
    to help to shield items from possible dust and moisture.
  • Consider disassembly or partial disassembly of items fit to be disassembled to make handling and storing easier.
  • Properly protect against sharp or pointy objects. Cover and protect all surfaces that may be damaged by contact.
  • Inspect your stored items regularly and make adjustments to your storage methods as needed.

Note: Although this is not a complete list of all precautions and directions, the list is intended to provide points that can help you to create successful self-storage procedures.

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